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Casual Guitar Playing Or A Serious Guitarist?


There are many tools, paths today to learn how to play the guitar. Think about this question:- Are You Into Casual Guitar Playing or A Serious Guitarist?

Casual Guitar Playing
The GUITAR as an accompaniment instrument for singing/campfire fun - learning here is probably good enough, learn some chords, strumming, plectrum or fingerstyle picking patterns give good fun. Learning to read tablature is added advantage. There are quite a number of good guitar teaching channels on Youtube.

Serious Guitarist
On the end, you want to be a serious guitarist, right up to making a living out of teaching or performing solo/groups in many different styles. This is a serious path and take years to hone. You can enrol in a music school, sign up for a syllabus, learn read music, sit for exam, get a degree in music. Or, self taught through the "school of hard knocks"! Though it's not necessary to learn to read music, but it'll probably help you if you want to be a guitar sessionist or play with other professional musicians.

Tutorial Guide To Sieve Through Casual/Serious Stuff
Finally, as an example, say how to hold a guitar plectrum/pick? The old guitar method book probably mention a few lines in passing, and maybe one or two photos on how to hold your plectrum. Today we have humongous online materials, videos showing precise fast picking techniques, sarod, scapel picking, slow motioned, explained.

This Guide will try indicate materials as "serious" for those aspiring to learn more serious stuff. Most of us start on the casual path which is fine. Yet somehow along the way, some may proceed to take a more serious approach. Lifelong learning can be fun and beneficial too!!