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Left Handed Guitarists - What's Best Method Starting Out?

Guitars are generally built for right-handed people, that is the player's right hand fingers strum/pick/pluck the strings; the left hand fingers moving across guitar neck, pressing the frets. The thicker bassier strings face ceiling; thinner treble face floor.

If you are left-handed and wish to learn play the guitar, there are 4 options:-

1) Buy a true left handed guitar - usually a bit more expensive than a right handed guitar of similar make/model because of limited demand.
Below clips shows are 2 (originally built) left-handed guitars.


2) Buy a right-hand guitar, flip over, swap (restring) the strings in reverse order so that bass strings will be at the top like normal right hand guitars. That's it. Play.
It will still look a bit awkward with control knobs (electric guitar) at the top and/or design/cutting of guitar is upside down. But at least the shape of chords will look similar like those on right-hand guitars.
Note that the nut, saddle may have to be adjusted to makeup for intonation problems.


3) Buy a right-hand guitar, flip over and play left hand style, your natural instincts. The guitar turned upside down will have bass (thicker) strings facing floor/bottom, treble (thinner) strings face ceiling/top, pickguard (Babyface - acoustic) and control knobs (Eric Gales - electric guitar) at the top!


4) Finally, buy a right-hand guitar and play right hand like everybody else! This is not so difficult since you are just starting out. So you can tell people that you eat, write with your left hand but play guitar right handed just like most people do. Gary Moore's left-handed but plays guitar right hand.