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Poor Finger Placement - Buzzing Problems While Depressing Strings

A good insight can be obtained from this discussion here

Salient Points (extracted from forum above)

* keep your nails short
your fingers should be bent and not straight, and they should be - as you already mentioned - perpendicular to the fretboard.
* experiment with the exact part of the finger that presses the string. If you press the string close to your nail, there's a lot of flesh left to mute the next higher string (higher in frequency that is). In this case move your finger up a bit.
* have the action of your guitar checked. If the action is very high, then it's generally more difficult to play, and your problem is also aggravated.
* in case you're using a steel string guitar, try a classical nylon strung guitar. It has wider spaces between the strings, which should make it easier for you. After having learned the basics it will be also easier to switch back to a steel string guitar, if you like.
* don't blame the shape of your fingers
* don't be discouraged!