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Picking Techniques - Motion Study

Back in the Seventies, Al Di Meola recalled going to the legendary Les Paul's house and played for him. Les put his face close-up to Al's right hand for about an hour to study Al's speed picking motion!

Today, Troy Grady was one of the early ones to come up with detailed motion study on the right hand picking techniques - using close up video including slow motion. And Troy has gained recognition in his work with some well known guitarists agreeing to let him film, discuss and analyze their techniques.

Molly Tuttle Flatpicking

Joscho Stephan Gypsy Jazz

Essential also to understand picking motion in relation to other hand/body position. Quote "More and more, I see the grip as part of a larger concern, the whole 'mechanism' of gripping the pick, anchoring (or not), how one situates the guitar (strapped under the collar like a lobster bib, slung way down low, atop the thigh of a crossed leg), whether one picks from the elbow, wrist, or using the finger/thumb motion called scalpel picking, and the sort of guitar one plays. So it's not just 'how does she hold the pick?' but 'how is she holding the pick in relation to everything else involved in picking the sort of guitar she's using?'.." Source Jazz guitar forum - a good discussion