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Looking For A Guitar - Not Sure What Guitar To Buy?

I am looking for a guitar for beginner. What do you recommend?
Follow your budget. This is the often asked question. Get something that suits your budget.

If you can afford something better, go ahead - a better quality guitar has better intonation, sound, projection, clarity and feel. Certainly with a better quality guitar, we have a better chance of progressing and excelling in the guitar (hey if you can have a head start with a better tool, why not?).

Learning Guitar? I'm Sorry, You Need To Learn How To Add/Subtract!

The bad news is you need to at least learn how to 'Add/ Subtract' in music. This will speed up your guitar learning process.

In learning how to count we learn 10 digits - 0, 1, to 9.

In learning music/guitar, we learn the 12 musical notes - the building blocks for music. Each note is an equal "Semitone" distance/interval apart. 7 of these notes are named after first seven alphabets A-G. The other 5 notes are named with additional prefix '#' or 'b'

These 12 notes can be represented by 12 equal boxes in increasing pitch sequence left to right as below :-

How To Tune Your Guitar?

The easiest way is to download a Guitar App to your smartphone. Then use your smartphone to tune.
1. Go to Google Play Store.
2. Search for guitar tuner.
3. Select the "Yousician" one. I find this simple and easy to use.

Bass Guitar Is Boring? Definitely NOT!!

Awesome Bass Guitar Playing By Alain Caron and Billy Sheehan!


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